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The Most Efficient Laundromat

Now offering courtesy pick-up and drop-off service at your home for no extra charge!  We will pick up your laundry, take it to our laundromat to wash and dry, then bring it back to your home.  Saving you time and money!

 Call to schedule service 502-210-9867

Golden Wash is Louisville’s leading laundromat and laundry service provider offering efficient, high capacity washers and dryers–guaranteed to cut your washing and drying time in half, or else it’s free! We also provide pick up and drop off laundry service to and from two of our Louisville locations.

Our high capacity washing machines handle up to 80 pounds of laundry and complete a wash in just 23 minutes. We also sell washing supplies for a discounted price. Our new, state-of-the-art equipment saves washing and drying time as well as money. Our machines also can handle larger items like comforters, bed spreads and sleeping bags. Once you try us, you’ll think we’re golden, too!

Laundromat Locations

Klondike Lane Golden Wash Laundromat

3704 Klondike Lane
Louisville KY 40218


Preston Highway Golden Wash Laundromat

 7305 Preston Highway
Louisville KY 40219


Eastern Blvd Golden Wash Laundromat

1011 Eastern Boulevard
Clarksville IN 47129


Poplar Level Rd Golden Wash Laundromat

5051 Poplar Level Road
Louisville KY 40219


New Cut Rd Golden Wash Laundromat

5437 New Cut Road
Louisville KY 40214


Services and Amenities You’ll Love

We offer quality equipment, convenience, entertainment and extra services to meet your laundry needs.


Efficient Equipment

We have the most efficient laundromats in Louisville.


We offer laundry pickup and dropoff services.

High Capacity

We have high capacity washers & dryers for all your needs.


Faster Cycles

Our machines can perform 80 pound washes in 23 minutes.


Our laundromats have pool tables and big screen TVs.

Operation Time

Half the operation time of other laundromats.

Extra Services

At select locations, enjoy popcorn, ice cream, and drinks to pass the time.

Laundry Supplies

We have a full range of laundry supplies for your convenience.